Families, schools, businesses & clubs! 
Create a time capsule that will surprise
and delight everyone 
when it is opened in 2039!
Join us as the time capsules buried in 1989 are raised and opened, 
enjoy a BBQ lunch with family and friends and then watch as
your own time capsule gets buried for the next 25 years!
Saturday 4 October 2014
Sir Roden Cutler Park, West Dubbo
[next to Club Dubbo in Whylandra Street]
There is a limit of 300 time capsules available for sale.
What will you leave for the future?
Create a personal, school, business or club time capsule that will surprise and delight you, your family, school children, your work colleagues or club members in 25 years.  One of the most important things to go into a time capsule is a letter for the person opening your time capsule in 2039 that explains why you have included each item and what it means to you in 2014.
You can include any of the following items, or items we have not even thought of.  Some of these items will be a mere memory in 25 years!
  • Your organisation’s or family’s history.
  • A variety of photographs of people and places taken in 2014.  Write details on the back of photograph.
  • A bottle of wine to be enjoyed in 25 years.
  • A letter to your future self or your family to be read in 25 years.
  • Ask your children to write a letter and/or draw a picture which has their name, age and a description of what it depicts.
  • Observations of your life / life in Dubbo / life in Australia in 2014.
  • Small personal tokens, trinkets, coins and notes.
  • Photocopies of family or business documents.  Please do not bury original documents.
  • A video or audio recording with your family or friends. ? A lock of your children’s hair, and a special toy or item of clothing.
  • Some ’ and a note explaining what a selfie was back in 2014.
  • A list outlining what you hope to achieve in the next 25 years.
  • Outlines of your children’s hands and feet with their names and ages.
  • A letter to a loved one.
  • Poems, stories, mementos.
  • School records, a diary or journal.
  • Screen shots of your Facebook page.
  • Your most recently discarded mobile phone without its battery.
  • Receipts, bills, pay slip, page from telephone book showing your name.
  • Newspapers and magazines from 2014.
  • Anything that has personal significance to you and you would like to share with your family in 2039.
You cannot include any of the following: batteries, explosive materials, aerosols or gels, perishable items, original precious documents, precious jewellery or any liquids except for commercial alcohol in a properly sealed glass bottle.
PURCHASING A TIME CAPSULE – there is a limit of 300 time capsules available for sale.
  1. Complete the attached Registration Form in full, and return to Astleys Plumbing and Hardware, Cobbora Road, Dubbo.
  2. Pay $40 for your time capsule.  Each time capsule is individually numbered.
  3. You will receive a receipt recording the number of your time capsule and payment.
  4. Take your time capsule home and fill it with your treasures.  Ideas above.
  5. Return your time capsule to the Dubbo Visitor Information Centre by Saturday 27 September.  They are open 7 days a week from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
  6. Rotarians will use a special adhesive to firmly secure your time capsule with a cap.
  7. Your time capsule will be held in safe keeping until Saturday 4 October 2014 when it will be buried at Sir Roden Cutler Park.
  8. If it is not possible for you to purchase and fill a time capsule due to the distance you live from Dubbo, please contact us.  No time capsules will be sold or accepted on Saturday 4 October, unless previously arranged.
  9. Time capsules will be raised in 2039.
Time capsules will be available for sale from Astleys Plumbing and Hardware, Cobbora Road, Dubbo throughout September 2014.
In addition to purchasing a capsule, you can be a involved in the historical moment as we send the capsules forward through time. The day's program is below.


Program of events
10 am
Official welcome
12 pm
1989-2014 time capsules to be raised from time tank.
2 pm
Morning tea & BBQ lunch available.
1 pm
2014-2039 time capsules to be placed into time tank.
6.30 pm for 7 pm
Rotary Club of Dubbo West Dinner at Club Dubbo - dress Smart Casual.

There will be some chairs available for seating at the park, otherwise bring along some folding chairs and a picnic rug if you wish.

Club Leaders
Club Events